Vocal&Instrumental Coaching

My Coaching Philosophy

A successful performance requires more than just good technique. I specialize in helping musicians internalize the music so that they feel comfortable performing with accompaniment.

What to expect

An hour-long session is typically enough time to work on 2 to 3 songs. During the session I provide accompaniment for my clients, as well as feedback on musicianship, breathing, and musicality. For singers I am able to coach English, Spanish and Italian diction.

Please bring 2 copies of the music you want to work on.

What is the difference between Vocal Coaching and Voice Lessons?

Voice lessons focus primarily on vocal technique — how to use one’s body most effectively in producing sound. Vocal coaching focuses more on the performance itself, as in, how does one perform with piano accompaniment as confidently and successfully as possible.

College Auditions

The college audition process is one of the most important stages of a young musician’s development, because whichever school they attend will have a huge impact on their career.

I am happy to assist with all stages of the audition process, from song preparation, to creating pre-screen recordings and if needed providing accompaniment for live auditions.

How much does it cost?

Please contact me for pricing.


Ben is a terrific collaborative pianist! He takes great care to help teach my student singers what the pianist needs to help the singer have a successful performance.

— Alice H.

When I started with Ben, I had had limited vocal training and could not read music. Ben continues to transform my singing and understanding of music. My training with Ben has enabled me to become a more confident singer.  I am now a cantor and lead others in worship music. 

Ben is aware of where you are as a vocalist and guides you to more advanced levels. His technical skills, acute ear, patience and warmth make me look forward to each session. I highly recommend Ben as a vocal coach.

— Marilyn G.

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